Caron Coldwell

I am a Somerset based artist who has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows. 

Following my graduation from the University of Plymouth I worked as a “Colourist” painter, interested in capturing and conveying the memory of places.

Over the past three years I have concentrated my creative efforts on making paper casts taken from functional objects such as spoons, cake slices and pots which I then decorate with collage and hand-painted details. 

The work on show highlights my painterly mark-making abilities and blurs the boundary between fine art and craft. 

Thematically, my cast paper works reference religious icons, history, costume, children’s story books, cinema, etc – imagery that I hope evokes a kind of cultural nostalgia.

The vases and framed works on display have “museum exhibit” quality and, when viewed in detail, the imagery delight’s the eye and the illustrated characters hint at broader narratives.

Each work is a labour of love – certainly a long time in the making.


Jack Hicks

Since completing a degree in Fine Art at Kingston upon Thames Polytechnic in 1981, I have continued to develop my distinctive artistic practice while, amongst other things, working as a head of art in a Weston secondary school.

My work is based on the many sketches I make from direct observation. My sketchbooks contain drawings of a wide range of subjects, with a particular emphasis on natural and built environments. In my studio, I develop these images creatively to make bold, atmospheric paintings, informed by a deep love and understanding of nature and history.

Constantly taking creative risks and exploring new approaches and techniques, I maintain a unique artistic vision in which the visible world is transformed by memory and imagination.

My paintings have been displayed in many venues, including the Royal Academy, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Queen Mary’s College, The Royal West of England Academy, Battersea Arts Centre, Victoria Art Gallery (Bath) and Wells, Devizes and Weston Museums.




Judith Champion

I originally qualified in architecture, but my true love lies in painting and drawing.  I returned to college as a mature student to complete my training in Art and Design.

I enjoy using inks and reeds, acrylics and mixed media.  My inspiration comes from opening my eyes and embracing the creative majesty all around me.  I am drawn to empty places - the expansive coast, the rolling hills and the quiet beauty of the Somerset Levels.

I have exhibited in London and locally and hold regular exhibitions of my work in my ‘Old Piggery’ studio/gallery.  I have completed a varied range of design commissions including the “Wedmore Map” in the Borough Mall and several of my sketchbooks of the local area have been published. 

I delight in helping adults realise their creative potential and teach private drawing and painting courses and lead day workshops to art groups. 

Gail Darke

Alan Backwell

Primarily a self-taught artist, I paint semi-abstract/abstract landscapes referenced from travel throughout Europe and the UK. 

My recent book entitled "Landscapes of The Mind" was published to coincide with a solo painting exhibition of the same name.  The book features paintings and also photographs from Greece, Spain, France, Scotland and the South West of England.

I have exhibited widely in numerous group exhibitions and my work is on permanent display at Combe Grove Country House Hotel near Bath.  My work is also in private collections in London, Italy, Sweden and the West of England.

Ann Baber

In the mid 1990s I gave up a very interesting career writing books, designing tools and inventing new techniques in the world of high end cake decorating in order to fulfil a lifelong ambition of becoming an artist.  I was lucky enough to be accepted on a fine arts course, since which time I have thought of very little else but  painting and drawing.

My inspiration comes from the world around me, in particular nature with all its wonderful colours, shapes, textures, majesty and beauty. I do not have a style because I am a very experimental painter always looking for a different way of expressing a subject.  I consider myself a very fortunate person being in a position to "live the dream" even if, from time to time, I do find myself covered in paint.


Sophie Courtiour

Tara Vignoles

I was born in London and went on to study Fine Art at Wimbledon School of Art and Norwich School of Art.

I completed a BA Hons in Fine Art Printmaking and now explore and work primarily with oils.

In my work I explore the physical elements of the landscape, such as fleeting light, passing storms, big skies and water, whilst also seeking to intertwine the emotional and ethereal aspects of that landscape. 

I can be found in my studio, located on the edge of the Mendips, or sketching under the brooding skies of the West Country.


Anne Carpenter

Peter Howe


I was born in Somerset and trained at the Royal West of England College of Art.  

Before retirement my main occupation was in all aspects of fine art and commercial design.  

My work has been exhibited locally, in Bristol, London and Europe and on many charitable occasions.  In 2005 I was selected from over 10,000 artists worldwide to be one of the launching artists for a new gallery in the USA.

Jo Jones

My work is concerned with the human form and its relationships with and comparisons to landscape and environment. My sculptures are ambiguous, self-contained characters – quiet, contemplative, serene, with heads bowed or skywards looking – together yet apart.

I have exhibited my sculptures in many places, including Chichester Cathedral, the Bishop’s Palace Gardens, Wells; View Gallery, Bristol; The Sculpture Show; Artspace; Cube Gallery, Bristol; The Life Building City of London; Chapel Row Gallery, Bath and many more. My sculpture is in private collections in this country, Australia, USA and Denmark and also include some commissioned portraits.

Gail Mason

‘Places I would like to be….’

My work is concerned with the experience of being in… or sense of…a place or journey… real or imagined.

These unique monotype silkscreen paintings do not seek to be physically accurate or describe anywhere particular, but are places that I would like to walk through and explore.

These are an outward expression of inner mark making, the footprints of past and future encounters.

The land series of mixed media sketches show a new way of working on an intimate scale exploring painting in a different way.

Colour is very important to me as it primes the emotional nature of a piece of work.

Through the continual application and removal of layers of paint I try to expose the essence of my memory and imagination. 

I received a Distinction in my final year of an MA in Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking at UWE in 2004, taught printmaking for many years at Foundation and Degree level and now run workshops in water and oil based monotype in my studio Claverham, and at Spike Print Studio in Bristol.

I exhibit regularly throughout the South West, am a member of the Bath Society of Artists, Somerset Printmakers, ID Artists and the RWA Artists Network.


Jude Painter

Jackie Curtis

I am an artist printmaker working with relief techniques monoprints, collagraphs, linocuts and woodblocks. Inspired by the natural world. I can be found walking in the Somerset Levels observing birds, sketch book and camera in hand; looking for materials and ideas to use in my printmaking.

My monoprints are spontaneous, lively innovative prints often created as an immediate response to recent experiences. The collagraphs, produced from a collage of materials, are rich in texture and depth of tone. Linocuts are more intricate and stylised with strong elements of pattern, whilst the woodblocks are influenced by natural grain, shape and flaws in the wood.

Tina Hill

In my work I am interested in exploring elemental transformations and the passage of time. More than just reflecting the natural cycles of birth and death, construction and destruction, I am interested in – ‘new life from old’; how artefacts can be discarded as worthless by one society only to be sought after and conserved by another. In this my work draws from both archaeology and Geology, as well as museum artefacts and display.

Printmaking as a process that allows me to incorporate parts of one print into another, producing new images and concepts from fragments of old. As parts, fragmentation and stratification are key elements in my work I try to express these ideas through the use of texture, colour and multiple layers or surfaces. My use of texture and colour also echoes the processes of decay and dissolution, the imprints and stains of time.

I gained an MA (distinction) in Multidisciplinary Printmaking at UWE in 2009 and I am currently an Artist Network Member of the Royal West of England Academy. My prints have been selected for exhibitions and are in privet collections, both in the UK and abroad.

Des Tucker

After 30 years in construction I joined a ceramics course at a local college and loved it from the outset. I realise now what an inexhaustible topic it is. There is always a new technique, a new avenue to explore, a new route to go down. It never ceases to excite me.

Most of my work is thrown on the wheel in either stoneware or terracotta. Currently I am experimenting with some black clay and textured slips. I generally fire stoneware at 1250C or 1280C in an electric kiln but I have recently have been carrying out some reduction firing in a gas kiln.

I enjoy making large pieces. I love simple classic shapes and bold colours. I often like to leave a body of the natural clay unglazed showing its natural colours and texture.


James Cawte

Photography was a teenage hobby that became serious while I was studying ‘A’ level Art. Encouraged and mentored by my art teacher, I went on to study photography at degree level  (BA Photographic Arts, University of Westminster - 1975). On graduation I took an entry level opportunity in Television Production and that was my career for forty years. I was a specialist in post-production, initially as an editor, but ultimately as a digital colourist – responsible for the ‘look and feel’ of a wide variety of programmes for UK and international clients. My experience as a colourist gave me a deep understanding of digital imaging tools and techniques.

On retirement I quickly felt the urge to return to photography, so the work here has all been created since the autumn of 2016. I think I have been lucky enough to have been blessed with a ‘photographer’s eye’ – the world constantly presents visual opportunities -  in the ‘fall of light’, shape, form, texture and colour. You can pass a place one day and see nothing yet the next it will offer something special. I just try and capture it when it does!


Melanie Deegan

The ability to capture movement in any form of art has always interested me and this has been a strong influence in many of the sculptures I create. The challenge is not just to suggest the action of an animal or figure in motion but also to give them a sense of purpose, to try and understand how it feels to be there.

The desire for a flexible approach to sculpture that allowed ideas to flow easily initially encouraged me to try many materials and techniques. Over the years I have been experimenting with a range of sculpting materials and this gradually led to the various combinations that create the distinctive style of my work.

Most sculptures begin with a wire or steel armature, this is essentially the drawing process and allows the proportions, position and bone structure to be determined. Onto this the layers are built up almost as if adding muscles and soft tissue to the piece. This part of the procedure is not entirely precise and adds an interesting dimension to the creative process.

Susanna Spanring

I'm interested in joyful pottery - objects which weave their way into our lives by being used with pleasure, every day. I aim to make pots with character, good to hold, lovely to look at and perfect for serving food. My hope is that each unique item will become part of the intimacy of the home, engaging with lives as they are filled with delicious food and drink. Cradled by hands, touched by lips, washed, dried and put away - I hope they can help transform daily drudgery into delight.

Emma Duke