Melanie Deegan

The ability to capture movement in any form of art has always interested me and this has been a strong influence in many of the sculptures I create. The challenge is not just to suggest the action of an animal or figure in motion but also to give them a sense of purpose, to try and understand how it feels to be there.

The desire for a flexible approach to sculpture that allowed ideas to flow easily initially encouraged me to try many materials and techniques. Over the years I have been experimenting with a range of sculpting materials and this gradually led to the various combinations that create the distinctive style of my work.

Most sculptures begin with a wire or steel armature, this is essentially the drawing process and allows the proportions, position and bone structure to be determined. Onto this the layers are built up almost as if adding muscles and soft tissue to the piece. This part of the procedure is not entirely precise and adds an interesting dimension to the creative process.