James Cawte

Photography was a teenage hobby that became serious while I was studying ‘A’ level Art. Encouraged and mentored by my art teacher, I went on to study photography at degree level  (BA Photographic Arts, University of Westminster - 1975). On graduation I took an entry level opportunity in Television Production and that was my career for forty years. I was a specialist in post-production, initially as an editor, but ultimately as a digital colourist – responsible for the ‘look and feel’ of a wide variety of programmes for UK and international clients. My experience as a colourist gave me a deep understanding of digital imaging tools and techniques.

On retirement I quickly felt the urge to return to photography, so the work here has all been created since the autumn of 2016. I think I have been lucky enough to have been blessed with a ‘photographer’s eye’ – the world constantly presents visual opportunities -  in the ‘fall of light’, shape, form, texture and colour. You can pass a place one day and see nothing yet the next it will offer something special. I just try and capture it when it does!