Jack Hicks

Since completing a degree in Fine Art at Kingston upon Thames Polytechnic in 1981, I have continued to develop my distinctive artistic practice while, amongst other things, working as a head of art in a Weston secondary school.

My work is based on the many sketches I make from direct observation. My sketchbooks contain drawings of a wide range of subjects, with a particular emphasis on natural and built environments. In my studio, I develop these images creatively to make bold, atmospheric paintings, informed by a deep love and understanding of nature and history.

Constantly taking creative risks and exploring new approaches and techniques, I maintain a unique artistic vision in which the visible world is transformed by memory and imagination.

My paintings have been displayed in many venues, including the Royal Academy, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Queen Mary’s College, The Royal West of England Academy, Battersea Arts Centre, Victoria Art Gallery (Bath) and Wells, Devizes and Weston Museums.